The artwork LAM is a fallow deer in a posture that encourages a fght. It ́s head consists of a preparation with fur and antlers, it ́s body is covered with small lead plates that mark it ́s movements. The American term LAM carries the translation escape/breakout and refers symbolically to the sculpture.

It does not have the natural habitat of a deer, but stands in the exhibition room without a pedestal. He is a fgure from the forest, which is now lifelike for the viewer.

Lead, on the other hand, is a common human material that is harmful. The sculpture unites nature and the mechanical world of man.

In my works, I focus on the corresponding materials, their contradiction, as well as the emotions generated in the viewer, such as the afect of touching.




taxidermy, PU, bronce, plumb




show+image by Neue Sächsische Galerie Chemnitz