by Deva Schubert


28. + 29.01 - 20:30 Uhr & 30.01.2022 - 17:30 Uhr @Radialsystem Berlin


What happens when alpine traditions and digital culture collide?

The performance SISTERS OF ALGOLORE by Deva Schubert is dedicated to social practices, which make community tangible and bridge distance, such as whistling, yodeling and

and dancing. In a rhythmic soundscape between alpine goaßln and algorithmic glitches, a hybrid reality is created in which past and future, nature and culture become blurred.

Three performers, a musician and an intelligent alphorn machine move through this wetland between virtual and vegetative reality, where root networks and algorithms form new patterns. In the reverberation of the alphorn the question is raised: What holds a community together?

An exercise in imagination for a non-apocalyptic, habitable future.


Concept and performance: Deva Schubert

Performance: Anja Müller and Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez

Music and Performance: Marie Lynn Speckert

Alphorn programming: Hannes Hölzl

Alphorn construction: Florian Guist

Dramaturgy: Lotta Beckers

Costume: Belle Santos

Stage: Ran Chai Bar-zvi

Lighting concept: Hannah Kritten Tangsoo

Choreographic assistance: Bernardo de Almeida

Video: Maximilian Wigger

Photo: Philipp Weinrich

Production: Wiebke Wesselmann